CheerLand Investment Group aims to integrate global resources, while serving human healthcare and technological development, based on high-tech investment and real estate investment, together with medical technology and Internet banking. Today, CLIG has branches in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Langfang, and etc.

CL Capital, a part of CLIG, with its base in Silicon Valley, engages in venture capital. Currently it has invested in multiple start-ups in fields like intelligent hardware, Internet real estate, and e-commerce. The partners of CLIG include many famous Silicon Valley investment institutions, such as 500 Startups, AngelPad, Plug and Play, and etc.

Located in Silicon Valley, CheerLand Innovation Institute is established by CLIG, it has attracted many outstanding talents to be mentors, including fellows of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), CEOs of American well-known listed companies, professors of elite universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and etc. These mentors not only provide services for CL Innovation Institute’s incubation projects, but also offer counseling for transformation and technological development of small- and medium-sized Chinese enterprises. CL Capital and CL Innovation Institute work together in helping the Sino-US resource matchmaking of potential start-up teams, and introduce American high-tech into China to serve the China’s market, so as to create higher market value.

CL Global Healthcare ( established by CLIG, matches the American medical institutions and personnel with demands in China, and provides a series of services including going for medical treatment in the United States.

CL Real Estate, which is a part of CLIG, has invested and developed multiple residential and commercial real estates in cities such as Manhattan, New York, San Francisco, California, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Langfang.

The Internet application “Doctor Tree", invested and founded by CLIG, focuses on providing a professional information platform of patient management and service for Chinese doctors, which is an on-line doctor-patient relationship platform with a core mode of “after visiting doctor” and “doctor-patient strong relationship”. Since the first edition launched in September 2014, there are more than 50000 doctors active on “Doctor Tree” and over 5 million patients being served. It has become the leading after-visit doctor-patient service platform in China. Meanwhile, “Doctor Tree” launched the Internet drug information service platform, “Yao Kuai Hao”. The combination of these two platforms establishes a closed loop of doctor-patient service and drug service resulting in providing better service to the patients.

Mr.Leo Liu, CEO of CLIG, was born in October 1963, Yutian County, Hebei province. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a Master degree.

Mr. Liu has years of experience in venture capital,
real estate and etc.